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Why do I need a Pool Safety Net?

Australia has a child Drowning Problem

15 children drowned in 2016 – due to lack of supervision, improper barrier or lack of swimming experience (2016 Royal Life Saving Drowning Report)

There is a problem with pool fences

Most 2 year olds can climb a fence in under 30 seconds (News Story) and kids see fences as a climbing frame or sneak into the pool area quietly and quickly.

A Pool Net could save your child’s life!

Pool Fences are required by law in Australia but there is an effective ‘additional layer of safety’ that has been used worldwide for 30+ years. Find out more below


Is your pool child safe?

Find out more about making your pool child safe,
and if your pool is suitable for a pool net
get in touch with one of our Aqua Safe Pool Net Specialists today!

The Solution

Introducing the Simple Solution to Child Safety

Easy To Use

Being a parent who may be short on time, you want a solution that is quick and effective. Taking 5 minutes to put on and take off, a Pool Safety Net is the ideal solution for proactive safety conscious parents.

Looks Great

While a pool fence can impose itself on the pool area - a pool net by contrast remains low profile over the surface of the pool providing elegant yet simple strength. Perfect for that pool area dinner party.

Custom made for your Pool, Spa or water feature.

Solid Build

Made from Ultra Durable UV Resistant Polyethylene binding and tightly tensioned over the pool surface - each Pool Safety Net is custom made for each pool's requirements. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and stand behind our 2 year manufacture warranty.

Made for Families

Most families have celebrated becoming an owner of a pool net as it gives their peace of mind back and ensures worry free time with the kids. Contact us today to discuss how you can get a Pool Net for your pool.

30+ year track record

Used worldwide since the 1980’s and family owned and operated in Australia since 1999. The pool safety net method remains the most proactive way to prevent pool accidents.

Simple Pool Safety

As a parent you don’t have time to constantly watch the kids and want the pool area safe but also function as an entertainment area. Owning a Pool Net provides this. We recommend using a Pool Safety Net in conjunction with a recently inspected and compliant Pool Fence to provide maximum benefit and effectiveness.

Easily Affordable for young families

In Australia we have strict pool fencing laws, yet there are still drownings – an effective second barrier is a MUST in every pool owners home. Get in touch with us today to discuss your pool and find the Pool Safety Net to suit your needs and requirements.

Why should you choose us?

Specialist Installation

We use trained pool net technicians to install your pool net.

Fast turn around

We install most pool nets usually between 5-7 hours.

Outstanding Design

We take pride in our workmanship and offer a standard 2 year warranty on all pool nets.

Pool Safety Net – Strong, Safe, Secure, Low Profile


“Two weeks after being dragged unconscious from the pool and being on life support a pool net has been fitted to the backyard pool which almost claimed Yasmine's life”

Channel 9, Channel 10 TV news and Gold Coast Bulletin

“Just have to let you know how delighted we are with new safety net you recently installed. Twenty “under-fives” at a recent celebration here was a good test. Not one of them ventured onto or even fell onto the net. The pool still looks like a pool. It is a complete success!”

Ken & Tricia M

“Just a short thank you note to all involved, for supplying and fitting the Pool Safety Net at our property. Everyone was reliable, prompt and polite and I am very pleased with the final result. It has not only saved any toddlers from entering the water, but it has definitely kept the ducks out of the water and off the edge of the pool.”

Nancye Grieve
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