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Child Safety Barrier

Aqua Safe Pool Nets are the leaders in pool safety solutions for children, using an innovative high quality pool net that gives Peace of Mind to families who understand the urgency of pool safety.

Why do we exist?

There are countless children drowning every year in Australia and we are doing something about it.

Too many young lives are being lost

Australia’s Child Drowning Epidemic

The reports from the Royal Life Saving Society each year state that swimming pools are the leading location for drowning among the 5 and younger age group.

"Children under five are actually the age group that is most at risk of drowning and the majority occur in and around the home — commonly in home swimming pools."

Amy Peden
National Manager of Research at Royal Life Saving Society
Supervision is difficult

"In 2016 supervision was completely absent in 59% of child drowning cases, with older siblings or other children left to supervise younger children"

A fence is only half the solution

"Children most commonly gained access to the pool through a faulty fence or gate (38%), lack of a fence (31%) or a gate which was propped open (18%)"

Fencing can be hard to maintain

Among drowning cases, fencing was present in 27% of cases, absent in 27% of cases and faulty in 35% of cases.

The Aqua Safe Pool Net Solution.

Learn the steps below that if properly implemented will ensure your child's safety when the pool is not in use.
The 3 causes of child drownings:

1/3 Learn to Swim

Children are getting swimming lessons from as young as 24 weeks old (6 months). Contact us to learn more about getting swimming lessons for your child.

2/3 Supervision

Effective Supervision is a major factor in protecting your children around the pool. Ensure a capable adult is watching at all times and not a older child.

3/3 Effective barriers

When the first two factors are missing you need an effective barrier. A fence is only half the solution and as the statistics state children are still drowning with fences present. Having a Pool Net will give you the best chance to secure your pool and is the ultimate second barrier.

How it works:


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Quotation and Agreement

After agreeing on a net solution for your pool, make a deposit and we will begin your order process. This can take up to 1-2 weeks.

Enjoy your new Peace of Mind

Within 1 - 2 weeks of placing an order you can sit back and relax because your life just got a whole lot easier with a Pool Safety Net.

We aim to be the leaders

in child pool safety for children

under 5 – with your help

With child drownings under 5 remaining around 15 for the ten year average  (Source: Royal Life Saving Society Drowning Report 2016). We need your help to spread the word for us and help put an end to child drownings in backyard swimming pools.

Contact us today and one of our friendly Pool Net Specialists will guide you through the process of getting a pool net for your pool.

Standard Pool Net

Rectangular with new tiles, bricks or concrete.

Spa or Pond

An above ground spa or in ground pond.

Pool with Wading Pool or Spa

An irregular shape or designed pool.

Please Note:
Routine maintenance will be carried out by the Purchaser to ensure that: 1) The net is safely secured at all anchor points 2) The net is sufficiently tensioned to carry the weight of a child. 2) The clearance between the water level and the net is adequate to ensure safety at all times and especially after heavy rainfall.
In the unlikely event that the “Pool Safety Net” should become defective for any reason which may adversely affect the functional safety for which it was intended, the net should be removed from the pool until repairs have been affected.
I hereby indemnify Aqua Safe Pool Nets it’s directors and agents from any claims or recriminations in the event of an accident associated with the direct or indirect use of the pool safety net. I further acknowledge that although the pool safety net is installed with the intention of aiding in child safety no safety guarantees are given by the supplier and I accept full responsibility for the use of the pool net.