5 Easy Ways to Child Proof your Pool in Winter

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Many active parents are too busy these days to watch their kids all the time let alone make sure the dangerous areas of the home are safe for the little ones. Especially in those winter months when the pool area or backyard is not being used as much, many parents are left helpless when it comes to child proofing the home and backyard pool area.

No need to worry anymore, below are 5 ways you can child proof your pool area in winter:

  1. Have your fence regularly inspected to ensure it is within the QLD fencing guidelines, not having a compliant fence means heavy fines for parents. Read more about fencing laws here.
  2. Maintain the pool area daily – ensure it is nice and clean will not attract young children into the pool area. Make sure the area surrounding the pool has no objects that would attract children into the area, i.e. leaving toys, pool cleaning devices etc otherwise your child might try to reach in to get the toy and end up falling in.

  3. Keep potted plants away from the edges – your child might reach for the plant and pull it in instead of getting out of the pool, something simple like this can be costly if not taken care of initially.

  4. Keep your house doors locked – build the habit up of always closing and locking the doors to the pool area or outside. Most young 18-24 month old children can climb fences anyway so doing this daily will ensure you have an additional barrier between your child and the pool.

  5.  Put as many barriers between the child and the pool as possible – For instance get a Pool Safety Net installed for that extra piece of mind – most parents agree that having as many barriers between your child and the pool, the better.

A Pool Safety Net:

  • looks great – is low profile
  • is custom made for each pool – any shape or size including spas or rock features
  • easy to use – approx. 5 minutes to put on or take off after using the pool
  • built to last – made from UV resistant high tensile material
  • cheaper than a fence and children physically cannot climb under the net as it sits flush with the pool edge
  • being a cost effective option for many parents looking for that extra layer of safety for their child.

To find out more about a Pool Net for your pool visit the Aqua Safe Pool Nets Australia website and fill out the contact form for a FREE quote for your pool. Child proof your pool this winter with this premium barrier solution for your pool.




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