Warning: Your pool fence is a danger to your children

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No doubt you’ve seen the video footage recently –  read the article of a 2 year old toddler scaling a pool fence and opening the gate in… only… 21 seconds! Yes only 21 seconds is all it takes for a 2 year old to climb a pool fence! absolutely mind blogging that a pool fence that is meant to protect children from getting into the pool area, but can sometimes fail.

If you have an interest in safety for your children – and you have a pool – then read on.

There is a problem with pool fences in Australia

If you are like most parents you’ll do anything for your children especially when it comes to safety and safety around the pool. but:

Did you know – that in 2016 there were a total of 36 drowning accidents of children aged under 5 years old. 50% of these incidents were in backyard swimming pools, and a further 34% of these incidents had a fence around the pool at the time. (SOURCE: Royal Life Saving Society 2016 Drowning Report)

This is an alarming statistic and something that we need to do more about. Most young children do see the pool fence as a climbing frame and will do almost anything to get over.

The Pool Fencing laws are there for a reason and do go part of the way to protect children who may wander off and into the pool area and in the case of some 2 year olds – 21 seconds. Now what happens once the child is in the pool area, under no adult supervision and cannot swim well?

According to the Royal Life Saving Society competent adult supervision and learning how to swim from an early are still key factors in proactive drowning prevention.

These are many additional pro-active methods to prevent drowning accidents around the swimming pool and having an effective secondary barrier can go a long way to giving that extra defence against the dangers of exposed pool.

Having an Additional barrier to the pool are a must – they give you that extra piece of mind.

Discover a widely used, respected and effective barrier that has been used by thousands of Australians for the last 18 years


What is a Pool Safety Net?

A Pool Net:

  • looks great – is low profile
  • is custom made for each pool – any shape or size including spas or rock features
  • easy to use – approx. 5 minutes to put on or take off after using the pool
  • built to last – made from UV resistant high tensile material
  • cheaper than a fence and children physically cannot climb under the net as it sits flush with the pool edge
  • being a cost effective option for many parents looking for that extra layer of safety for their child.

To find out more about a Pool Net for your pool visit the Aqua Safe Pool Nets Australia website and fill out the contact form for a FREE quote for your pool.

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