Kids & Pool Safety

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A fantastic asset when raising kids is a backyard swimming pool. It provides them with entertainment, stimulations and a natural form of exercise. But as Australians, we know that there are many ways that this fun can turn to terror if a pool gate is left open or a child is unsupervised around water.

It is always beneficial to do a quick brush up on what you can do to eliminate the risks of having children around a swimming pool. Whether you’re the parents or relatives of youngsters, or you have them over to visit occasionally, it is important to understand that children plus water means extra special care must be considered.

Constant supervision

It is extremely important to never turn your back on a child when water is involved. Especially extremely young children who have not yet mastered the skill of paddling do not understand the dangers of the water and associate it with a fun place. Silently slinking in while you’re in deep conversation is a possibility.

Limit alcohol consumption

Hosting a barbecue and enjoying the company of friends is what summer and a pool is all about. But as the liquor flows, judgement is impaired. It is too easy to forget about the dangers and that is when accidents happen.

Remove Toys

Pool toys are a fantastic addition to any fun day, but leave them out after its over and they’re just far too tempting for little ones. Having associated the Pool Pony with joy, toddlers may exhibit interest in recreating the day. With blow up toys floating in the pool, it can create an attraction that will ignite interest in a child and send them to the water, desperate to get over the fence.

Swimming Pool Safety is a multi layered approach

One of the most secure ways to ensure pool safety when the pool is not in use, is to cover the water surface with a pool safety net. Aqua Safe Pool Nets cover a pool without changing the ambience of the environment. By creating a buffer, both parents and children can rest assured that a swimming pool remains a place of fun.


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