Pool Net versus Pool Cover

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Our team at AquaSafe Pool Nets is always ready to advocate for the need of effective pool safety. With a mission to put an end to childhood drownings, we believe that supplementing the pool fences mandated by Australian law with an additional pool covering can be an effective first step to ending such tragedies. We also appreciate that families can be busy and budget focused, which is why we feel the pool net provides an optimal solution.

Why pick a pool net over a pool cover? We think the answer is clear, but we wanted to use this article to highlight some of the key advantages that the net has over the more old-fashioned cover.


One of the biggest perks of the pool net is that it can be used on a wider variety of pool types. Many traditional pool safety covers are designed to protect only rectangular pools, but pools have evolved today into a myriad of custom shapes. Pool nets respond to these new dimensions in that they can be custom made for any pool with a secure perimeter.


Another boon of the pool net is that it is easier to maneuver than the traditional pool cover. Solid and mesh pool safety covers can be quite bulky and difficult to install across the pool surface. Pool nets, though, are much lighter can be installed in a matter of minutes, making them an effective safety net particularly for pools that get year-round use.


While pool safety covers more comprehensively conceal the water’s surface, they often fall victim to sags. Solid pool safety covers are not permeable, which means that any accumulated rainfall will collect on the surface and over time cause the surface to sag. These sags can diminish the longevity of the cover and can also make the cover hazardously slippery. Pool nets, however, offer a penetrated surface that allows water through. Due to the net’s tensioning system this means that pooling of water won’t be a problem, and any risky, slippery surfaces can be avoided.


One of the biggest perks of the pool net is its lower cost. Pool nets can cost hundreds of dollars less than their pool cover counterparts, making them more easily affordable for families on a budget.

While the pool safety cover was the gold standard for many years, the pool net is consistently gaining in popularity. Having enjoyed more than three decades on the international market, pool nets have been proven to be effective deterrents to pool-related accidents. Visit AquaSafe today to learn more about how a pool net might be perfect for your family pool.




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