Australian Pool Safety in Winter

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The summer months are when we tend to think about pool safety as family get togethers in the backyard, kids birthday parties or just generally enjoying the weather outdoors tend happen more frequently when it is warm. It is easy to think that this is the only time when there is a genuine safety danger involving the swimming pool that brings so much joy to our lives and our cherished children’s well being. However, while the perfect summer days may come and go, the pool remains on the property all year round and even when the temperature drops, the chance of the worst case scenario is ever present.

The Facts about Pool Safety


Due to our love of the outdoors, Australia has some of the strictest pool safety laws around. Anyone who is building a house or putting a swimming pool into their existing backyard is made aware of the regulations and must follow the rules to the letter. But the sad reality is that pool fencing may not be enough, as what is constructed to restrict a child’s to the possibly deadly body of water may be misinterpreted by a little one as a obstacle to climb over. As the winter months are when adults tend to spend less time outside, there is unfortunately an increased chance of a toddler or youngster to accidentally bypass an unlocked door and find themselves exploring the area alone while getting increasingly inquisitive.


“Drowning deaths in children under five increased by 32% on the number of deaths last year”

…swimming pools were the leading location for drowning among this age group, accounting for almost half (45%) of all deaths…

– Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report 2017. 


The reality is that a child as young as two has the strength, agility and mental capacity to see a pool safety fence as a challenge they seek to overcome. As they associate the swimming pool with fun, and don’t understand the physics of water, they are oblivious to the extreme danger. Other measures, such as a pool gate alarm, have acted as an added extra in child safety, however a delayed reaction or unheard siren can occur. Fortunately, there is a product on the market that not only acts as the ultimate in pool safety for all twelve months of the year, it maintains the pleasant aesthetic of a pool.

The Solution

Aqua Safe Pool Nets are made from ultra durable polyethylene binding and, as the name suggests, are literal nets that are placed over water level to ensure that there is something secure in place to catch anyone who might fall. As they are easy to install in mere minutes and require no extra building or hardware adjustments, Aqua Safe Pool Nets are the reliable solution for water safety for kids and act as a pool protector that will bring peace of mind to a peaceful backyard.


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